The Professional Cricketers’ Trust

Few careers carry so much uncertainty as that of a professional cricketer but thanks to the PCA Benevolent Fund, past and present players have a vital support network which helps them to prepare for and readjust in the world beyond cricket.

The Professional Cricketers Trust support current and former cricketers and their immediate family members in times of hardship and upheaval. They provide vital funding for operations and medical procedures, help those who are having difficulty adjusting to life after cricket find an alternative careers and assist current players with professional support and expert advice.


Dreamflight is a UK charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. Each year, 192 children accompanied by a team of medical carers spend a magical 10 days of fun and excitement in Orlando many of whom could not take such a trip without the support of an army of volunteer doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and non-medics who care for the children 24 hours a day. It is a charity that is very close to Alex’s heart and one that he plans to support for many years to come.